Holy Paladin Tips of the Day!


I figured I would share some healing resources that I have been looking at lately, that I have found very useful to me personally: First off is this little gem that goes in depth at describing the challenges involved with mana regen especially considering the most recent content that requires a lot of heavy Holy Light usage: Mana Regen and you (the paladin)

Paladin PvE healing Guide for patch 3.2 is another guide I just scanned over today that I found very interesting that explains the options of a holy paladin healing being: Heavy Holy Light or Flash Of Light+Sacred Shield and goes on to explain how to work your gear for each situation, of course both healing methods have their uses.
I would like to add one thing that I also find very very useful, and that is the old Libram of Renewal, its not only very easy to obtain its by far the best libram out there afaik (correct me if I’m wrong) for heavy Holy Light users. It is also a testament to the fact that you cant always go with the highest item level (wow heroes?) and thus should consider each upgrade carefully as you progress. Hell now I think about it, one of my favorite trinkets is also only ilvl200, the Tears of the Vanquished.

I hope to add more to this blog as time goes on and as I work hard with fellow guildies to find the best ways to heal heavy damage in the more challenging raids and hard modes.


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